Trevor May HS Jam (NA Only)

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Tournament Rules:

Once you join a Tournament, you will be placed in the Brackets pool. When Tournament is ready you will receive an email confirmation and the match you must play. The winner of the match will advance to the next round. Do not join a Tournament unless you are sure you want to play and accept all GamerWall Rules. In the event of a dispute, you must have evidence for the dispute to be considered.

Conquest Rules:

You may only play with 6 decks for a tournament. Please upload an image of each deck you intend to use. If there is a dispute and you DO NOT have your deck images uploaded, the outcome of the dispute could be unfavorable. For each round, you may choose 3 of your 6 decks. The first player to reach 3 victories wins the round. You must win with EACH of your 3 decks (cannot use same deck after you have won with it).


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Status: Active
Start Date-End Date: June, Thursday 22nd 6:00pm CDT
- June, Friday 16th 11:00pm CDT
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